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Helping moms GROW business + life to turn their daydreams to actual reality!

Do you have SO many daydreams and goals, but no idea how to freaking make them actually happen? 
You love your role as a mama, but feel lost and know you need more?
Have you ever been frustrated in your job, business, or side gig because you weren't quite showing up as yourself?
If you have ever wanted to grow your business and are tired of constantly starting over or feeling directionless, then
you are so in the right place, mama. 
Tap the button below to see how and if Moms Made for More can help you grow.  Nothing changes if nothing changes & I cannot wait to meet you! xoxo
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About the founder (ME!) April Sky

As a former teacher turned stay-at-home-mama, I actually didn’t begin my journey as an entrepreneur until after my little guy was born, making the startup of two businesses quite the ride. I am now a single, very relatable bad-ass boy mom, and I am on a mission.
Once upon a time, I was unsure of myself and was well, lost. I played a role I felt was pleasing to others, I was in utter survival mode, and overall, I was truly lonely because my big dreams didn’t seem to match up with the life I had built for myself and my child. That’s how it’s supposed to be as a mom though, right?
Not for me.
Four years ago, I discovered my “Why” and quieted those voices that told me “You can’t have your 'more' and be a good mom,” “You are not enough,” or “Not now,” and it started an unstoppable ripple effect. It was the permission I thought I needed to be unapologetically myself in both business and motherhood.
You can usually find me chasing my crazy-ass five-year-old around, traveling the world, out in nature photographing the realness of motherhood, or, building this empire that will give hundreds of thousands of once-lost moms the confidence to say “I know my why, I know who I am, and I know what’s best for both myself AND my family.” When you can’t find what you need, you create it, and mamas, I have created something AMAZING for you.
Check out the events below to see what’s coming next! Curious to find out more about how discovering your WHY can transform your entire life in the most beautiful way imaginable?! Click the Discovery Call button above to schedule a 20 minute call on me!
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FREE LIVE Online Training August 5th

  • This is for moms who want to grow their business + life to make those daydreams much more of a reality! SO MUCH VALUE. 

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  • Date announcement coming soon: Mastermind for Moms in Business (message me or book a discovery call to learn more)

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